Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

If you are interested in staying at Slipvillan for an extended period there is the opportunity of taking part in the Artist in Residency program (AIR)

Two rooms are available. Various size, price and duration of stay. 

Slipvillan has 5 studios used for various cultural activities, exhibitions, talks, conferences as well as working space. Three of the studios are used by local artists on a permanent basis providing contacts and help to the AIR. The garden is used both as a recreation area and for outdoor work.

Slipvillan has housed cultural activities since 2007. The AIR began in 2020 and is open to international artists, curators and speakers as a working place for periods of one to six months.

Slipvillan aims to involve the artists-in-residence in public interaction, initiating both aesthetic and philosophical conversations, and they welcome a variety of artistic positions. Artist-talk, presentation or exhibition will be encouraged in connection to the stay. 

Slipvillan is in collaboration with the artist-run gallery Studio 44, a central meeting place for the artist run community of Stockholm, and a catalyst for numerous ideas and thoughts in the fields of visual arts. ( )

Accommodation Information 

Accomodation for sleeping must be arranged in another place and is not included in the price. Slipvillan is in contact with and can recommend housing nearby at various prices and comfort at a walking distance.

Technical Information 

The house has a fully equipped kitchen and toilet shared by all studios. Fireplace in each studio. Wifi. Various tools can be borrowed. Bikes to borrow. Outdoor working space with rain shelter. In the shipyard is a shop for tools and companies doing woodwork, welding and all boat service.

Duration:  1 to 6 months

Cost: 11 000 Swedish crowns per month for both rooms.

Size of spaces: 19 and 13 sqm. 

Housing with other provider

Paid by artist 

Application guidelines 

Send your to application to: air(a), including:

  • a project description (maximum one page) about what you plan to do during your stay
  • six examples of your work
  • CV
  • preferred period
  • Send to: 

Application to AIR at Slipvillan has a rolling deadline. We accept your application at any time. 

Outdoor working space 


Artists in Residence 2024:

Jorieke Rottier (Holland)


The material present and the simple act

A marine student¹ stares at the sea, sitting on a bench by the shore. In his hand a paper boat. I live on Walcheren (Zeeland, NL), an island in a delta whose fertile land is protected by dikes. Far from life in the big city, where art events take place daily, as a child I encountered art in public spaces.

During a festival, a fighter jet demonstration ended in a crash on the island of Långholmen. There was one injured person. A paper airplane², its nose drilled into the ground, commemorates the event.

The discovery that there is another island that has a connection to the fragility of man and island, to being on the road, symbolized with a paper fold, is the visual starting point for this working period.

On Långholmen, a bare rock on which people have manually applied mud and sewage sediment to make it fertile, I will be present for two weeks with attention, absorbing the impressions as folds in my paper.

What does it mean to be part of an archipelago, as a place and as a human being, within current climate developments? What materials and processes are specific to this place? What intrinsic and visual qualities do they offer? What is discarded here, what washes up here? This work period takes place as part of the research within my work process that starts in the spring and continues through fall 2024.

The central question herein is "to what extent does man coincide with her environment?"

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Christophe Delory


Living heritage of Stockholm city

The project will focus on the multiple human aspects of this heritage.

It will integrate the reality of society, a portrait of the current city.

Everyone will be photographed with the same background, to highlight our differences in a common portrait.

The project will update what it means to be a citizen of Stockholm.

Christopher Delory is a French photographer based between France and Sweden for more than 30 years. His work questions identity, community, territory and memory. He works in a documentary style, following the definition of Walker Evans (USA 1903-1975) with a focal point on the subjective aspects. His artworks has been exhibited in several countries all over the world.



The Studio is the same room as the gallery space

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It consists of two rooms, 13 and 19 sqm, a total of 32 sqm.